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  • creativity, innovation and passion to advance humanity

    Admission will be based strictly on merit. Scholars University will attract a carefully selected and limited number of the very best students and lecturers and bring them together in an environment that fosters creativity, innovation and the passion to advance humanity.

  • fully funded merit-based scholarships

    All accepted students will be offered fully funded merit-based scholarships and paid a monthly living stipend.

AFRICA: The Human Capital Problem and our Solution

Africa faces seemingly intractable challenges such as poverty that also threaten to overwhelm the developed world as hordes of poorly educated Africans desperately attempt to flee the continent. Yet our educational institutions have consistently failed to build adequate human capital with the capacity to effectively tackle these challenges.

Here we introduce Scholars University, an inclusive scholarship university in Africa with a mission to create prosperity and reduce suffering through high quality education. Designed to attract the very best students and lecturers by providing fully funded merit-based scholarships and a living monthly stipend to all accepted students and orienting and supporting students with resources towards job creation and the establishment of their own Scholars Universities after graduation while providing competitive remuneration to lecturers with the opportunity to partner with the University and receive a fair share of revenues generated, Scholars University will lead to exponential advancement and peace in Africa and beyond.

We demonstrate how Scholars University enables capacity building for inclusive sustainable development and show that Scholars University and by extension a network of Scholars Universities is an effective solution to the disheartening crisis of poverty and backwardness currently plaguing Africa. Furthermore, we disclose the foundational structure, current status including the acquisition of over 130 hectares of land, public private partnership with Amalem Community, the need for funding from United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and outline plans for sustainable operation of Scholars University. Crucially, we demonstrate clearly that Scholars University’s activities constitute a focus under USAID/Nigeria’s Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) for 2020-2025.

More specifically, we show that Scholars University helps achieve USAID/Nigeria’s goal of a healthier, more educated, prosperous, stable, and resilient Nigeria, particularly (directly and immediately) through Development Objective 1 (DO1) – Broadened and inclusive economic growth – and Development Objective 2 (DO2) – A healthier, better educated population and additionally over extended time-frames through Development Objective 3 (DO3) – Accountable, inclusive, and responsive governance strengthened – as well as through the Special Objective (SpO) – Greater stability and early recovery advanced in targeted states – via job creation, research and development, high quality education, philanthropic activities and humanitarian services.