The Faculty of Sciences

The Faculty of Agriculture

The fields of study or departments in the Faculty of Agriculture include:

  1. Ecological Agriculture
  2. Fisheries and Aquaculture
  3. Agricultural Economics
  4. Soil Science
  5. Land Management

The Ecological Agriculture program is aimed at developing practices and systems that lead to efficient and sustainable utilization of agricultural resources even in the face of environmental and other constraints such as climate change. Fred Magdoff explores the principles, practices and constraints involved in Ecological Agriculture (Fred Magdoff, 2007) [1].

Other programs in the Faculty of Agriculture will examine sustainable soil science and land management, fisheries and aquaculture and agricultural economics principles and best practices.

Students will gain a deep appreciation for and a robust ability to provide solutions to agricultural problems as Agriculture is critical to the growth and stability of a healthy, peaceful and prosperous modern society.

Faculty of Agriculture Foundational Faculties


  1. Fred Magdoff, Ecological Agriculture: Principles, practices and constraints. Cambridge University Press, Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems, Volume 22, Issue 2: 109-117 (2007).