Expected Outcomes (5-Year Plan)

Scholars University will be self-sustaining five (5) years after commencing operations – independently more than enough revenue to cater for all expenses (projected at US$ 3 million per annum), carry out capital investments and build an endowment fund for future expansion. Accumulated (over the initial 5-year period) surplus revenue at the end of the fifth year is projected at US$ 23 million while surplus revenue per annum is projected at US$ 3.5 million by the end of the fifth year. Please refer to the SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS AND ATTACHMENTS section for details.

By the 5-year mark, Scholars University will produce at least 25 high impact with the capacity to create employment opportunities for all strata of society, with some of these exceptional graduates ultimately going on to build their own Scholars Universities -- leading to exponential advancement, and at least 25 additional, similarly exceptional, motivated and capable graduates each year afterwards.

The first sets of students are expected to concentrate on specific areas of study including

  1. Computational Sciences -- Computer Science, Software Engineering, Cyber Security and
  2. Astronomical Sciences.

Furthermore, Scholars University will employ at least 50 full-time staff members – 20 academic and 30 non-academic staff by the 5th year of operation.